privacy policy

Your Privacy is Important
This Privacy Policy intendeds to break down how your personal information is gathered and used. You can browse most of this website without providing any personal information that identifies you or allows Flowers at the bedside (Lynn Sprayberry) to contact you.

We may request your name, email, phone number and web address for the purpose of contacting you regarding any requests, conducting personal surveys, and/or your desire to be contacted in any capacity by Flowers at the Bedside (Lynn Sprayberry).

We maintain a strict “No Spam” policy that means we do not intend to share, sell, rent, or otherwise provide your e-mail address to any third-party without your consent.

If you wish to be contacted, you will be asked to furnish contact info such as your email and/or phone number. Only when required by law will Flowers at the Bedside (Lynn Sprayberry) provide any visitor information. This is not a contract, digital or otherwise.


Thank You.